An Arts-Powered Approach to Technology & Communications Thought Leadership

Rumination Garden (RG) understands that the arts and artistic thinking are central to technological advancement and the development of effective communications best practices. Historically, the arts and creative endeavors have been viewed as separate from the tech and communications arena. Artistic practice has often been deemed the product of ‘right’ brain thinking, with data and tech-driven efforts defined as ‘left’ brain work.

 But what if creativity and the arts could be used to inspire tech innovation?

We believe in harnessing creativity as a tool for helping nonprofits, change makers, and innovators to better reach their target audiences, raise awareness about important social issues, and transform their communities, society, and the world.

Sebastien Voerman

“To build a better tomorrow, we need tools for using the arts to advance the development of technologies and communications strategies that are culturally relevant, human-driven, and inspire people to act.”


Our goal is to connect artists, technologists, communications professionals and nonprofits, with informational tools and guidance for using the arts, and other nontraditional approaches, to support their work.

A New Vision for Technology & Creativity

Rumination Garden (RG) believes in fostering a more diverse and inclusive communications and technology field by providing knowledge resources to a diverse range of technologists, creatives and leaders, in addition to career development experiences for early career persons, minorities, and career changers.


Our Mission:

  • Develop and distribute arts-driven thought leadership and research via our communications channels and outlets to support the efforts of nonprofits, professionals, creatives, and change agents.
  • Through the emerging RG Professional Development Hub, we hope to provide free communications and technology resources, information, and research support to local nonprofits seeking to incorporate the arts into their work.
  • The RG ‘Thinking Room’ will document and distribute insights from our creative projects to promote the development of statewide, national, and international programs that merge artistic practice with technology and communications.


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